Edgar Froese RIP

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Tangerine-Dream-Electronic-Meditation1A music giant has left our realm. I probably wrote about 45% of my scripts to the music of Edgar Froese and his band Tangerine Dream and use them as sonic inspiration to this day. Their groundbreaking electronic pulsing melodic ambience has been part of the soundtrack to most of my teen and adult life. Hard to pick one tribute track, but this small piece from Wolf Grimm’s cult sci-fi film with Fassbinder. KAMIKAZE 1989 (1982), might be my single favorite piece by Froese. Dream on…


RIP Rod Taylor

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The Time Traveller moves into the 4th Dimension…


Happy Winter Solstice Song

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Day Of Infamy

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Forgotten Films Thanksgiving Edition: FLAP (1970)

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Sir Carol Reed directs Anthony Quinn as another lusty earthy scene-devouring hero in an archetypal seriocomic 1970 cinematic obscura about Native American relations and revolution on a New Mexico reservation. With Claude Rains (as a character named Lobo!) and Tony Bill as Reel Hollywood Indians who drink a lot and a fantastic unavailable theme by Kenny Rogers and Marvin Hamlisch. This was Carol Reed’s last film, the follow-up to his Best Picture winning OLIVER! (1969) and turned out instead to be his SKIDOO minus Otto Preminger’s outrageous style, except for a quasi-hallucination in a whorehouse and a scene where Flap examines a pal’s gashed genitalia and pours firewater on the wound. Now on Warner Archive. So be grateful.

Mike Nichols RIP

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From my “Shock Cinema” interview with Austin Pendelton:

SC: I think CATCH-22 is a masterpiece.

AP: So do I.

TIME - Catch 22

Happy Dia De Las Muertes

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