Farewell Sasquatch

Sitting in PDX, watching a group of kids entranced by THE BANANA SPLITS in the play area. THE BANANA SPLITS! And free wi-fi! And a muzak version of “With or Without You”! Whoda thunk?

After days of non-stop gloomy skies, the sun broke through yesterday. I missed my flight and good thing. Borrowed the Avena Tribe bike and pedaled off into the green streets of Portland. Been awhile since I rode a bicycle but boy, does it rawk. The streets are perfect for cruising. At one point, I started passing motorcycle cops on every corner near Burnside. I ask the officer what’s going on. He says, “Pedalopolooza.” Suddenly, hundreds of bicyclists appear with police cars in front. The group passes by and they yell at me to “Join us!” Who am I to say no to this act of hippie providence? I join them at the front and get a police escort through the busy main streets of Portland.

3 Responses to “Farewell Sasquatch”

  1. That’s fantastic. I’m itching to get on a bike as well these days. 75 and sunny most of the time.

    I was in Portland a couple summers ago, ate at a Greek restaurant downtown one night. Big purple octopus outside? It was tasty.

  2. christian Says:

    Didn’t catch the Greek octopus, but there’s a lotta great food there. And beer. Beer in coffee shops. Beer.

    It was a glorious bike ride, with everybody packed outside in cafes and eateries cheering us on. It was worth the pain in my knees later. The beer helped.

  3. That’s awesome. Portland is a truly great town and from what I know of your sensibilities, it should be right up your alley.

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