joker1966posterThis is pretty awesome. And speaks to my theory that The Joker is an actor-proof role, as every thespian has managed to leave his mark on the character. The rundown:

Cesar Romero – Even though the 1966 BATMAN television show and rush-job film was camped out pop, I always thought Romero was a terrific freaky Joker with a startling laugh. He scared me. ZAP!

Jack Nicholson – Definitely an over-the-top performance, but I enjoyed Nicholson’s crazed theatricality in Tim Burton’s 1988 BATMAN — I especially think he’s perfect when he is surgically transformed into The Joker for the first time.

Mark Hamill – Oddly, Hamill has managed another level of geek worship with his voice-over talents as The Joker in the dark, well-done BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. He sounds nothing like Hamill and has a unique ever-changing laugh.

Heath Ledger – I love his performance in THE DARK KNIGHT and he’s a true psychopath as befits the crueler Frank Miller-esque version of The Joker.


3 Responses to “POW!”

  1. ScarecrowBoy Says:

    Absolutely agree wit everything you said. Everyone left a great mark on the character, and I enjoyed Romero as a child. You could just tell he enjoyed the part. Still, when I read Batman comics it will always be Hamill’s voice echoing through the pages. Great pic.

  2. christian Says:

    Thanks for chiming in. And whoever did that poster is a genius!

  3. todos los jokers desde el de los comics de los 60’s hasta el actual son buenisimos

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