Release The Kraken!

This is very cool news. Two Words: FREEBIE AND THE BEAN.

Warner Bros. is opening its vault–which contains more than 5,000 films never made available on DVD–to home viewers.

The studio’s Home Entertainment Group is launching a branded manufacturing-on-demand operation, offering films and TV titles whose limited sales potential have prevented a traditional retail release. Starting March 23, consumers can order 150 classic Warner movies for $19.95 each at new studio site The studio will ship a made-to-order DVD, in a shrink-wrapped case with cover art, to consumers within five days of purchase.

Some of the new-to-DVD titles listed at include “Possessed,” starring Clark Gable and Joan Crawford; “Once Upon a Honeymoon,” Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers; and “All Fall Down,” Warren Beatty, Eva Marie Saint. Others include “Sunrise at Campobello,” “The Citadel” and “Mr. Lucky.”

Warner intends to add 20 classic films and TV episodes each month to the MOD service, dubbed ‘Warner Archive Collection,’ and expects 300 titles will be available by the end of the year.

Four more words: YES GIORGIO and THE SARGEANT (Rod Steiger and John Phillip Law). Now about Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS…


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