Kong Spider Scene FOUND!

kongsp1This is truly astounding. Apparently, during a routine cleaning in a Warner Brothers Burbank studio warehouse, a crate labelled “RKO” was discovered amid old studio film equipment. When the workers opened the crate, they found reels of dusty film and on close examination by a studio lab, it is clear that  one of the reels is the 10 minute animation highlights used to sell KING KONG to the RKO brass!

Not only does this contain the long-lost “spider pit” scene, but a myriad of incredible clips, including Kong climbing down the face of Skull Mountain and a battle between him and a Stegasaurus!!

More on this astonishing discovery can be found here.


4 Responses to “Kong Spider Scene FOUND!”

  1. Astounding is right! Whoohoo…

  2. christian Says:

    Who knew?

  3. alan friswell Says:

    You had me going there for a minute!
    I’m actually working on my own version of the spider pit sequence, and for a moment, I thought that there was no point!
    Yeah, very funny……

  4. christian Says:

    Just make sure you stop back by and let us check out your spider scene. Love it!

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