“Burn the books!” FOX Insani-Tea Party

aliceteapartysmallYou may have heard that FOX News, Glenn Beck and other right-wing media are promoting a nation-wide “tea party” on April 15 (watch the expert distillation of their meme here) to protest the government attempting to fix the mess the GOP left behind or as they call it…socialism. Or something. Mainly they’ll be protesting President Obama, who according to my insights from comedy site Townhall.com, is a Atheist-Muslim-Communist — and to paraphrase Ayn Rand, check your premises. Glenn Beck said Obama is turning this once free country into a “police state.” I’m assuming they were in a coma the past eight years while the other president let energy cronies dictate and game the “free market” while lying endlessly about one thing or the other, including the threat of WMD’s and suspension of our constitutional rights via trial lawyers. But you know this. And we protested. As the GOP should, if they weren’t the first to condemn any protests as Dirty Commie Chic. And since this is a protest sponsored by an actual news organization, the canard of FOX News having any objectivity is simply dead. But you know this. I’m anxious to witness the tea-parties in action, as early indicators reveal that the ongoing mass psychic breakdown of the GOP will be in full bloom and broadcast live to the nation.

4 Responses to ““Burn the books!” FOX Insani-Tea Party”

  1. i think jon stewart said it best the other night during his little one man ‘heart to heart’ with the repubs, when he said, re: their cries of ‘tyranny’ against obama, ‘i think you may be confusing ‘tyranny’ with ‘losing’.

    what a bunch of fucking psychos!

  2. christian Says:

    If it weren’t scary it would be funny. The GOP has literally nothing to offer America but faux-populist rage that they subsumed for 8 years while the other president lied on and on…I don’t think the nation is buying this snake-oil anymore.

  3. It will be interesting to see how Fox’s ratings have been since the election. The one thing I give to Glenn Beck…he’s very clear about the fact that he is not a Journalist neither is Gretchen Carlson or Steve Doocey. I wish I was smart enough not to watch…but its like watching a train wreck on TV

  4. christian Says:

    Fox’s ratings are apparently very high — the median age is 60 plus. Beck has straddled the line between editorial and news and Fox News lets him. He’s certifiable. I mean, nobody would gather for an MSNBC protest…

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