Does God Hate The GOP?

holygrail049-1With literally hundreds thousands of proud, angry, bitter Americans turning out across the nation at the behest of FOX News and its unhinged staff, you have to wonder if this was all part of His plan to let the modern Republican movement drown in their own bittter tea. But no, I don’t think God hates the GOP. He just loves to laugh at his misguided children.

They’d be cute if they weren’t so armed, crazy and dangerous.


2 Responses to “Does God Hate The GOP?”

  1. I saw a picture from one of those “tea parties” that showed an older, white guy protestor who was wearing a “Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Sarah” T-shirt . YIKES…. Truly frightening that someone could even think of making that case – like we’d be SOOO much better off with that rocket scientist- “soccer mom” taking it all in and then calling the shots – not to mention that she wasn’t even running for President. Pretty much says it all….

  2. christian Says:

    And if you look at Palin’s recent trail of devastation, it’s scary to think of her being in the White House with poor Levi…I hope the GOP runs her again in 2012!

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