Texas Secedes From Reality

texas_chainsawInspired by the GOP brain trust of Rush Limbaugh, Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck, Texas governor Rick Perry decides to leave planet Earth with the rest of the psychotics in the GOP. I’ve never seen a party go through such bizarro public machinations. Not even Democrats at the height of anti-Bush sentiment created such a pitiful spectacle of conspiracy paranoia or blatantly voiced their hatred of this country’s government — which last time I checked, was created by the founding fathers.

They would be horrified at the anti-intellectual religious zealots of today’s truly deranged Republican party. How timely and ironic that the Department of Homeland Security just noted the growing threat of right-wing extremism — which has always been more violent and dangerous than left-wing protests. The FOX Mad Tea Party will be the catalyst or the anti-climax…


6 Responses to “Texas Secedes From Reality”

  1. awesome story!
    Much food for thought…
    It really made my day.
    Thank you.

  2. Sidney Carton Says:

    Let em go. We’d be better off without them. In fact when they do go, the fence ought to be to keep them out, they cause far more trouble than any immigrant group.

  3. christian Says:

    Maybe we can airlift Austin from there? I’d hate to lose Austin.

  4. Sidney Carton Says:

    Yeah, we could have an Austin Relocation Program.

  5. Joanaroo Says:

    Well, it’s a year later and the GOPers are just as crazy, loopy and demented. Old Guvner Greathair is no longer preaching the sermon of Secession, well, when he’s getting Federal aid from the Obama Administration! Now he and Glenn Blecch are having a town meeting so we’ll see if after that he starts the seceding speech again. I agree with you, Sidney, Let Em Go!

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