“I’m just going to see to it that he is stopped.”

reddawn_1207041Pat Dollard, a former Hollywood agent (for Steve Soderbergh among others), who became a rather rabid conservative since 9/11, later went to Iraq to make a documentary, and now has a new unspecified campaign to enlist camp followers to “stop” the President…by any means necessary? Amazing how that DHS report on some veterans joining armed extremist groups that threw the FOX crowd into a tizzy…is proven correct. But here’s Dollard’s hysterical threat in his own words:

“Every day, it becomes clear that American capitalism, and by necessity the American Constitution, are under assault from a neo-Marxist revolution launched, as it only could be, by a madman, a hate-filled (thank you, Pastor Manning), narcissistic psychopath who is a liar par excellence (thank you again, Pastor Manning), possessed by whatever demons possessed those in whose footsteps he follows. Hitler, Stalin, Hussein et al. Insert your favorites. I don’t know what fucked this two-bit punk up, or when, and I don’t really care, I’m just going to see to it that he is stopped. I’d like you to join me.”


10 Responses to ““I’m just going to see to it that he is stopped.””

  1. holy shit

  2. Jeff McM Says:

    As I said elsewhere, I worked with this guy – his Iraq ‘documentary’ (him hanging out with Marines for several months with a video camera) had been picked up by Tony and Ridley Scott to be turned into a 10-episode series for cable TV. That never happened, I believe, because Mr. Dollard couldn’t finish a cut of the pilot on schedule, was erratic and difficult to work with, and made several inflammatory and racist statements to his co-workers.

    Suffice to say, the Scott brothers decided to cut their losses.

  3. is that you jeff? are you hiding out from dp? don’t really blame you. i keep getting myself into the pooh at dp’s house without even trying – apparently i excel at it – i should hide out, too

  4. christian Says:

    You’re all welcome here!

    Thanks for that detail on Dollard, Jeff. He sounds like a complete lunatic. And if you read the comments, they’re even scarier, replete with little tiny guns in place of smiley faces…I hope the secret service is working overtime because there can be no doubt one of these wackjobs is going to do something stupid sooner rather than later….

  5. Jeff McM Says:

    I trust those guys to be professionals and do their jobs.

    Quick follow-up: Pat Dollard fired me from my lowly position because I didn’t call him ‘sir’ and because I was not trying very hard to conceal my contempt for him or his project. I don’t suffer idiots well at all.

    Which reminds me, Leah, since you brought it up, DP is an arrogant nutbag himself. It is insane that he tolerates the behavior that he does, but singles me out when I question or criticize him. He’s not as bad as Jeff Wells, but they’re cut from the same cloth.

    Sorry for the digression.

  6. christian Says:

    Jeff, you should really write up an essay for your blog on your experience with Dollard. It would be good counter-balance to his propaganda. Plus he is often courted by radio righties…I’m surprised he didn’t have you court-martialed…

  7. Jeff McM Says:

    Christian, I might, although it might open a can of professional worms for me since I was, after all, an employee at the time, and nothing illegal was going on. It’s just that you can only hear somebody use the phrase “sand niggers” so many times before it gets old…

    But he’s a very standard type – the classic Napoleon complex.

  8. christian Says:

    The comments on his page are like, reeeeeeaaaaaally scary. And filled with racism and xenophobia so extreme it reads like a parody.

  9. i hear ya, jeff

  10. Dollard is the kind of sewer-dweller that gives the right wing a really bad name. Glenn Beck might be the King of Stupid, but when it comes to acting like a Klansman, Dollard is #1. I would be very surprised if he isn’t on a lot of gov’t watch lists. His web site is as vapid and horrific as that gay-hating church in Kansas.

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