Go Waterboard Yourself, Cheney

That the only place that Dick Cheney can go to make his twisted case for torture (although Bush claimed we didn’t) and against President Obama is Sean Hannity and FOX pretty much says it all. Bush was a fool, but Cheney emenates genuine evil. And he’s ascared. Good.


2 Responses to “Go Waterboard Yourself, Cheney”

  1. Bush and Cheney are out of office and retards are still crying about them. So much for Obama’s America aiming forward. Waterboarding is safer than beheading but liberaltards seem to be more comfortable with Jihadist beheading Americans than CIA waterboarding terrorists to get info which has been successful.

    It’s not “torture” if it doesn’t injure.

  2. christian Says:

    Bush and Cheney are out of office but their policies and actions will continue to haunt our country forever — we’re still in Iraq. Waterboarding is torture according to Ronald Reagan and John McCain and the Nazis, but then there was more than “just” waterboarding going on. Rape, sodomy and murder too. 108 prisoners died in captivity.

    And the CIA destroyed dozens of tapes. Why?

    Of course, the whole point is that the President with the help of trial lawyers gave himself the power to j’accuse ANYBODY, including you, as a terrorist and do what they wanted without judge or jury. If that makes you feel patriotic, you’re in the wrong country. But thanks for your input.

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