“The CIA likes to destroy a lot of things…”

Especially when given the protection of the Bush administration. Here’s Paul Begala destroying former Bush hack and apologist Ari Fleischer, who performs some amazing verbal contortions in this clip. And it’s the GOP who claim that Obama is leading some kind of rogue government:


2 Responses to ““The CIA likes to destroy a lot of things…””

  1. Fleisher really blew it when he didn’t call out Begala on his outright lie that the United States executed WW2 POW camp commandants for ‘waterboarding’. We executed them for murder.

    Begala is already running from this ludicrous claim but it served its purpose to the ignorant CNN audience.

  2. christian Says:

    And George Bush also claimed “We do not torture.” Which is another outright lie among thousands from the most corrupt and unconstitutional administration in American history.

    And 108 prisoners “died” in captivity. I.E., murder.

    History just flushed the legacy of Team Bush.

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