Saturday Morning 1977

Coolest Toys Eva. The Micronauts were actually licensed by Mego in the wake of Kenner’s STAR WARS enormous toy success. Originally from Japan (of course) where they were called “Microman” and had a slightly cooler design, the company Takara had actually licensed Hasbro’s iconic GI JOE body moulds for their action figures. The four inch articulated figures were incredibly detailed and fun to put in stop-motion poses. In cultural contrast, here’s an AWESOME commercial from Japan for “Microman.” As one of the youtube comments put it, the ad’s music “is better than sex” — at least until you’re done with Micronauts. I still have a few.


7 Responses to “Saturday Morning 1977”

  1. ratherchildish Says:

    Excellent, thanks for posting!

  2. christian Says:

    thank you for viewing!

  3. Great post! The MICRONAUTS were indeed some of the coolest toys ever–amazing concept! The TV commercial (the top one) brings back SUCH good memories. Wow…

    I currently own Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, Oberon and Biotron. And my eyes are set of getting a few others…

    I collect 70’s memorabilia (toys, TV Guides, movie posters, etc). The 1970’s were the best 10 years ever!!

  4. christian Says:

    I have many of the same Micronauts. Baron Karza is something else with that sleek body and powerful magnets! Yes, the 70’s had kick-ass toys.

  5. You just dislodged another long-buried memory. Get out of my head, maaaaaan! (But first tell me if I have a forgotten stash of Vicodin around here somewhere.)

    Micronauts are way cooler than Transformers because the junk culture of MY youth is more meaningful than anybody else’s.

    I’m surprised Tarantino hasn’t used that music in a film. It could be Goblin, or an early Carpenter score. I’d be shocked if it hasn’t been been recycled by some electronic musician/DJ type.

  6. christian Says:

    But I am in your head Frank. It’s not called Technicolor Dreams for nuthin…The Vicodin is still tucked behind your socks.

    The musik is uber-badazz. Trying to track down the cue…

  7. I finally figured out what it reminds me of: Chrome/Helios Creed. If I can remember the name of the specific song I’ll post a link.

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