FOX: “Lie To Me”

If there was any doubt that FOX is nothing but a Murdoch-Ailes propoganda wing of the GOP, this fair and balanced use of public airwaves is the latest ironic proof:

NEW YORK — Fox became the first broadcast network to turn down a request by President Barack Obama for time, opting to show its drama “Lie to Me” on Wednesday instead of the president’s prime-time news conference.


6 Responses to “FOX: “Lie To Me””

  1. jkeeling Says:

    I am not disagreeing with you … but I do recall ABC pulling the same stunt with Bush.

  2. christian Says:

    The difference is political. FOX is doing this out of political spite, as their recent actions have dictated. Their hack news anchors publicize the nonsense tea parties ad infinitum as if it’s indicative of some vast grassroots movement and then demand other networks and press make it into an “event.”

    I hold no brief for the media as they’re all owned by corporate interests, but FOX really takes the cake for complete GOP shilling. You expect a FOX news story to start, “Today, President Obama moved the nation one step closer to socialism and a terrorist’s haven…” Meanwhile, nutcases with guns are listening to Glenn Beck with bated breath, waiting for the sign to revolt…

    I’m glad you came by! Keep it coming, Keeling! Bring it!

    • jkeeling Says:

      a general statement likely to draw ire from both sides: … i think folks give benefit of the doubt to agreeable actions and nefarious intentions to ones disagreeable. We ultimately do not have insight into the root cause of actions and therefore make assumptions. And the assumptions made tend to support positions we already hold. [ can you tell i think about this too much??? ]. I have no idea the root cause of the networks actions and regard any “official statement” as pure crap. My assumption is that both networks actions were political.

  3. christian Says:

    Well, I think there’s a boatload of evidence as to why FOX did this: one, they don’t want to cut into AMERICAN IDOL — a pathetic enough reason to avoid the President’s speech in a week of swine flu outbreak and economic trouble. And anybody who would get mad that AI is passed up for a speech on our national condition is the real problem.

    But it doesn’t take much objectivity to see how FOX News works as a mouthpiece for the GOP. I mean, I have no idea where their news starts and the opines end, which is how too much of the media works these days. But the facts are that Fox News was started by a well-known conservative (Murdoch) and he placed Rush Limbaugh’s guru Roger Ailes in charge. Their programming reflects that right-wing sensibility. Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Cavuto, Wallace, Hume…all FOX conservatives all the FOXING time…I won’t forget how they pimped the Iraq War like nobody’s bizness. And why is the only news channel that Dick Cheney will go on is…FOX. With that neanderthal-browed dipshit Sean Hannity!

    Too much coffee, man!

    • jkeeling Says:

      a few points … 1) folks could’ve tuned into the 9000 other avenues broadcasting the prez’s conference, so i don’t anyone genuinely interested in the covered topics was denied 2) I’m changing my previous assumption of “politics” to the almost always true maxim “follow the money”. AI = $. 3) i think you’re being too kind with the dipshit comment.

  4. christian Says:

    It is always about the money, but he airwaves are publicly owned and it’s just clear this is a political decision as well. I would think FOX would think of country over profits, but that’s why the GOP is in the state it’s in. But bidness is booming there.

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