Twit, Her

Sarah Palin leaps into the 21 Century with a vengeance:

Perhaps this is a tipping point for Twitter –  conservative icon Governor Sarah Palin is now tweeting. Under the moniker @AKGovSarahPalin (not very snappy but there are, by my reckoning, already 32 Sarah Palin twitter accounts) the 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate has plunged into the social networking maelstrom.

And to prove her backhome meth biker values, our potential VP shows up on AMERICAN CHOPPER:

Q: So you snowmobile?

PALIN: Oh yeah. Snow machine. Yes.

Q: What kind of snowmobile do you got?

PALIN: We’ve got an Arctic Cat. We’ve got a couple of different kinds. Race machines. I inherit whatever Todd rejects from the year prior. … We love those motor sports...You do so many good things for some of the other states, also. You’ve got that patriotism in you that people just so respect. Thank you for that.


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