Friday Sound: Ozzy Osbourne

I am a Black Sabbath fan. They were The Beatles of heavy metal, and Ozzy never failed to acknowledge them as a primary influence, whether you hear it or not. I do. Though I wasn’t as dedicated to Ozzy solo, his first two releases are heavy metal classics, and me being me, I prefer this very deep track off 1982’s SPEAK LIKE THE DEVIL called “Revelation: Mother Earth”, an apocalyptic eco-epic that showcases the best of Ozzy’s melodic sweeping laments, not to mention the guitar virtuosity of the late Randy Rhodes. Never mind that hideous outfit he’s wearing…it was the 80’s….he was too high…listen to the muzak:

3 Responses to “Friday Sound: Ozzy Osbourne”

  1. jkeeling Says:

    Ozzy has always had a fantastic sense of melody. Randy brought classical sensibilities and an absolutely sick set of chops to the table. They were a perfect compliment to each other.

    Note: the video actually includes Randy’s replacement Brad Gillis.

  2. jkeeling Says:

    my fav track from Ozzy/Randy. This is taken from the tour in which Brad Gillis filled in for Randy … ~sad to watch this.

  3. christian Says:

    Yes, I shoulda mentioned Rhodes not shown here. But the song still half belongs to Rhodes…

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