Nutroots Snark: Epic Fail

Smug proto-libertarian Markos, founder of The Daily Kos, misreads an NY Times interview with Arlen Specter and stomps his widdle foot down. It’s hard to believe this political sports site huckster is taken seriously by anybody. And the rest of the brave new world of blogism are coming down on Specter too based on a complete lack of reading one more sentence. The Kos and the others will cover up their mistake with, “Well, it didn’t sound funny.”

Here’s the first seemingly outrageous answer, followed by the ignored punchline:

With your departure from the Republican Party, there are no more Jewish Republicans in the Senate. Do you care about that?

I sure do. There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.

Which seems about as likely at this point as Jerry Seinfeld’s joining the Senate.

Well, it was about as likely as my becoming a Democrat.


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