Music Friday: Echo and The Bunnymen

To celebrate la luna grande, here’s one of the great songs of the 80’s from one of the British bands that never had any major American hits but developed a dedicated new wave following. Their 1985 compilation “Songs To Learn & Sing” with its iconic group silhouette cover was a mainstay in candle-lit suburban bedrooms heavy with clove smoke and teen angst…Of course here is my favorite E&TB song:

2 Responses to “Music Friday: Echo and The Bunnymen”

  1. Great song from a great band at their peak in 1984. Saw them play that year, at the Hammersmith Palais in London, supported by Lets Active and Billy Bragg. Still the best gig I’ve seen, to this day.

  2. That would be some show, certainly a 1984 peak.

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