Rush To Doom

SCHIEFFER: Rush Limbaugh said the other day that the party probably would be better off of Colin Powell left and just became a Democrat and Colin Powell said Republicans would be better off they didn’t have Rush Limbaugh speaking for them.  Where do you come down?

CHENEY: Well if I had to chose, in terms of being a Republican, I’d go with Rush Limbaugh.


4 Responses to “Rush To Doom”

  1. jkeeling Says:

    Cheney qualified his selection with “in terms of being a Republican”, which is a more restrictive statement than ” … chooses Rush over Colin” … I think the generalization is ~unfair. Note !!! I practically despise both parties, so my take is that Cheney’s statement –with qualification –is an ugly truth. I assume left-minded folks would agree, that Rush would currently make a better fit than General Powell.

  2. christian Says:

    Cheney is the sleaziest American politician I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. He’s the only one I would daresay actually embodies genuine “evil.” And it’s because of folks like him and Rush that millions of independents voted Obama, along with many Republicans who do see the party as lurching to an extreme.

    The sooner the GOP makes Cheney and Rush irrelevant, the better off they are. As will be the nation. Cheney is just such an unrepentant criminal.

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