Favorite Scene Theater: Bedazzled (1967)

Time for a larf, eh guv? And yes, how can anybody pick just one favorite scene from BEDAZZLED, easily one of the best comedies ever made (italics mine) and an archetypal 1960’s film if there ever was. Written by the brilliant duo of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, directed by Stanley Donen, BEDAZZLED tells the Faustian tale of a meek suicidal who gets seven wishes from Beelzebub — each which goes disastrously wrong. Besides being hilarious, the film is actually about something and tackles religion in a way few films can or have. In this scene, George Spiggot aka The Devil tries to show Stanley Moon his point of view. I love the way Moon keeps mocking Spiggot on his pranks until…well, you’ll see. And of course, Peter Cook is in the pantheon of cinematic Satans. Amen.


12 Responses to “Favorite Scene Theater: Bedazzled (1967)”

  1. the universe…what a wonderful idea

    cool, christian, cook is perhaps the funniest satan in the pantheon? might have to meditate on that one…but i haven’t seen ‘bedazzled’ in such a long time, it makes me feel nostalgic

  2. I love Dudley’s laugh during the groceries bit.

  3. christian Says:

    Leah: I think Cook is one of the best Satans. Period! Along with Tim Curry in LEGEND…

    Lisa: Yes, Dudley’s laugh is the funniest part. And your tribute site is absolutely astounding.

    • jkeeling Says:

      “good satans” is a topic I cannot ignore: Jack in Witches of Eastwick and Deniro in Angel Heart.

  4. Thanks!

    I always forget that was Tim. I had a crush on that character when I was younger. Which is very creepy and weird.

  5. christian Says:

    Oh, it’s okay. Tim Curry was very magnetic….and the greatest devil make-up eva!

  6. best-looking movie satan: viggo in ‘the prophecy’. lord have mercy

  7. christian Says:

    Have still not seen that one. I’ll check it out.

    Yes, Jack was a fun devil and DeNiro was super creepy at the end of ANGEL HEART, one of my 80’s favorites.

    • jkeeling Says:

      love the scene in Angel Heart when Harry Angel meets with Louis in the church, and Louis informs him not to cuss … “please, we’re in a church”.

  8. i love every single thing about ‘angel heart’. i can’t wait for the remake with zach efron ;-(

    my creepiest lucifer moment in ‘angel heart’: when DeNiro rolls the hard-boiled egg to break the shell, peels off the shell with his super-creepy satan fingernails and bites into that poor egg as a metaphor for harry’s soul. never have i seen a hard-boiled egg on the receiving end of such devouring evil!

  9. christian Says:

    The egg scene is brilliant and one of DeNiro’s finest moments. Hmmm. SATAN?

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