The Daily Kos: Ugh.

frankenstein_villagers488Proto-Republican turned “progressive” blogger Markos Moulitas again shows his true former conservative colors by banning a long-time diarist because he dares to imply that Team Bush was lax in 9/11 preparedness. Kos considers this a “CT” or Conspiracy Theory — of which we know no conspiracies ever happen. Even a conspiracy by Saudi radicals to attack America. I’ve long known that Kos is a smug little bully, and his site has banned and driven off so many smart people that it’s impossible to keep count. Remember, Markos banned Cindsy Sheehan after she criticized the Democratic party — thus the tone on the site went from “We Love You Cindy” to “Goodybe Attention Whore.” Seriously. Maybe now the orange lemmings at that political sports fantasy site are waking up to realize what a phony opportunist Kos has been all along. Probably not, but this revolt against the site master is a good start. It’s called “Democracy” Kos!  Here’s one sample:

Markos Moulitsas: little arrogant dick, supreme (2+ / 2-)

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You were in the right place at the right time. And kudos to your pithy brief writing style that attracted a following. But what an arrogant ass you have turned out to be over the years… little dictator, little businessman that you are.

Thanks for exercising your owner discretion in such a thoughtful way, you disingenuous little new media whore.

by rhfactor on Sun May 17, 2009 at 11:30:49 PM PDT


2 Responses to “The Daily Kos: Ugh.”

  1. Godless American Says:

    Ah, ignorance. Biased presumptions lend to biased results. Dailykos is owned by Markos, so he can hire or fire whomever he chooses. Markos’ book, Taking On the System, specifically mentions Sheehan and that she had lost her focus. Dailykos was created, SPECIFICALLY, to promote democratic politicians and agendas. Run along now and don’t worry about those scary Dailykos readers. It’s a private business, not a democracy. Or would you rather that business were socialized and forced to be democratic?

    Dailykos is also heavily controlled by those same readers. It’s ironic that you would link to the petition to reinstate Tocquedeville which still might prove effective, as evidence of Dailykos showing his conservative roots. If he was showing his conservative roots he would have taken down the petition.

    Are you one of those Alex Jones fans? Guess this news is upsetting, but again, it’s his blog, and he can cry if he wants to.

  2. christian Says:

    You sound like the perfect Kossack. Even quoting Markos’ hilarious book about “Taking On The System” — this from the guy who likens his site to a “brand” that elects Democrats — except when Markos actually asked his readers to vote for Republican Mitt Romney to game the primaries. Or when he labelled a genuine Democrat like Dennis Kucinich as “Ugh” which Kos has never been able to explain or live down. Or how about his Conspiracy Theory on that darkened video of Obama? I admire his business acumen, but he’s a bully and a sociopath. He enjoys the spectacle of discord. And it’s that kind of CIA level thinking from Kos (who of course did apply during his GOP days) that makes me think he’s a total phony.

    Markos makes his cash and living from the site — which is comprised of comments and diaries from others. If they decide his bannings are uncool, his “brand loyalty” disappears. And of course, it’s always funny to see “progressives” throw out right wing platitudes like “It’s HIS business!” That’s what Cheney said to Ken Lay during one of their not-so-secret energy meetings. It’s the battle cry of the Authoritarian, of which too many reside in the Land Of Kos.

    As for Alex Jones, he’s a crackpot and I’ve even told him that.

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