Nike Brand News

So newspapers are dying and the marketing ghouls are prepping us for the next wave of “branded” news brought to you by multi-national sweatshop cultural monopolizers like Nike and Microsoft. Yeah, that sounds just like democracy in action. But it doesn’t stop the feverish wet dreams of the mad men and women from trying to keep us in our consumer cage. Try to read this thing by marketing zombie Heidi Sinclair and see if your gorge becomes boyuant:

With the disaggregation of media, brands can talk directly to their customers and have direct relationships. A lot of experimentation has gone on in this area with sponsored programming, branded content on websites and television and joint media advertiser partnerships. I have been dabbling in this space for over a decade, and believe that now is the time for certain brands to extend into media directly. Nike could be the next ESPN. I’d go to Nike to get sports scores, watch games and get fitness tips.


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