Friday Sex Song: The Chauffeur

Made you look, didn’t I? In honor of VH1’s “The Making of RIO” here’s a nasty banned video from 1982 for Duran Duran’s most erotic song, “The Chauffeur.” The last track on their pop masterpiece, RIO, and one that highlights Nick Rhodes mad synth skillz along with some of Simon LeBon’s most impressionistic lyrics, the video is a sensual combination of Helmut Newton and New Romanticism. Put this song on auto-repeat and at some point, you’ll get laid. Sing Blue Silver…

2 Responses to “Friday Sex Song: The Chauffeur”

  1. jkeeling Says:

    don’t know if its me, but that link aint working: “Embedding disabled by request”. I’d forgotten about this song. Marcy (remember Marcy?) listened to Duran Duran all the time. They grew on me. The closest thing in my current collection is Arcadia ‘So Red The Rose’ –i may need to change this.

  2. christian Says:

    Oh shit!!!

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