David Carradine RIP

This is just plain sad. David Carradine, scion of the late great John Carradine, brother to Keith and Robert, star of the Bruce Lee-created iconic TV show KUNG FU and films as diverse and memorable as BOUND FOR GLORY; DEATH RACE 2000 and of course, KILL BILL, was found dead in a apparent suicide possible accident in Bangkok. He had a quinessential cinematic career that covered all the bases. He worked with everybody from Martin Scorsese to Ingmar Bergman to Larry Cohen. I met Carradine once at the 1999 Austin Film Festival, and my first image of him was talking on a cell phone in a shocking gold suit. I later chatted briefly with him at the Driskill Hotel; we were both toasted, but it was cool to meet Caine, whose spirit I hope has found peace on another road.


2 Responses to “David Carradine RIP”

  1. such sad news. caine was one of my idols as a kid, i absolutely adore ‘kung fu’. peace be with you, grasshopper, you were the real deal.

  2. christian Says:

    And it looks like his death was auto-erotic asphyxiation…Very Carradine-esque way to go. He was a Wild Child.

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