Don’t Cry For Him, Argentina

COLUMBIA, S.C. – After going AWOL for seven days, Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday that he had secretly flown to Argentina to visit a woman with whom he was having an affair. Wiping away tears, he apologized to his family and gave up a national Republican Party post, but was silent on whether he would resign.

“I’ve been unfaithful to my wife,” he said in a news conference in which the 49-year-old governor ruminated on God’s law, moral absolutes and following one’s heart. He said he spent the last five days “crying in Argentina.”


3 Responses to “Don’t Cry For Him, Argentina”

  1. jkeeling Says:

    i got mixed opinions on matters such as these. On one side its a ~personal issue … on the other I want weasels such as this shamed out of office. I guess if there was lying about his whereabouts, and i’m fairly certain there was, then i’d prefer he be dishonorably discharged –if only that were possible.

  2. christian Says:

    The problem John is that this is a GOP pattern: this asshole impeached Clinton and is full of God’s fury at homosexuals destroying the sanctity of marriage. But they are the ones with the sty in their eye. The GOP deserves its slide into its moral morass as long as they preen on their family values. I feel for the man’s family but look at the hubris and arrogance to take off for a week — and you’re the governor!

  3. jkeeling Says:

    You mention a pattern, but the only pattern I recognize is that when a member of party ‘X’ fucks up, all members and supporters of said party are button lipped while the opposing ‘team’ goes on a rampage. I think it unfair to paint every member of a party for the offenses of a specific member, and I don’t care if there are 2-3-4-5 examples of this. When I see the broadbush come out, I can’t help but think the person has blinders on. And please please please demonstrate that you’re not like this putting forth some poison for a politician with a “D” next to their name. They don’t all have halos do they?

    I am largely disgusted by both parties and thus have no problem tossing everyone under the bus –this POS Governor should, like Larry Craig, be shamed out of office. And, investigate Pelosi’s assertion that the CIA lied to her, the results of which can only include three options: CIA lied, she lied, both lied. HMPHHHH!!!

    oh yea, I started reading the Razor’s Edge.

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