Ease On Down The Road

I walk into Tiny’s coffeeshop and the guy next to the counter asks me if I heard Michael Jackson is dead. I thought he meant his career so I said, “Yeah I know.” But no. He meant Michael Jackson Is Dead.

Michael Jackson dead at 50?

12 Responses to “Ease On Down The Road”

  1. jkeeling Says:

    … stunned about this.

  2. very sad indeed, i hope he’s in a better place

  3. I can say that I am sad that the death of Farrah Fawcett is overshadowed by this. Farrah, who was a fixture to any Gen X boy, and every girl had her hair style. She is as much an Icon to a generation as anyone, yet MJ dies, and there is no more talk of Farrah’s departure.

    What do I remember about MJ? 123, Thriller, awful plastic surgery, dangling children off a hotel balcony and refering to that child as blanket, and lest we forget, questionable behavior around kids who are not his. Yet, there are people taking to the streets in sadness.

    Ed McMahon, farrah fawcett I will miss you. Michael Jackson, not so much.

  4. christian Says:

    Sadly, MJ left behind a fantastic music legacy and a troubled disturbed personal one.

  5. Now that it’s happened this all seems so inevitable now. Very sad, but inevitable. And while this is far from an original thought, looking at pictures of Michael circa “Off The Wall” and most anything post-“Bad” you would be hard pressed to say it was even the same guy (not to mention all the other “stuff”). Michael, what happened?

  6. i asked this question elsewhere and got no opinion so i’ll ask you lot, who seem like a reasonable bunch:

    looking at his final incarnation with the nose, white skin, make-up and hair, MJ rather looked like a woman. was he a budding transvestite, or transgender, or something of that ilk? men don’t generally make themselves look like a woman without a reason.

    i say this in a completely non-derogatory sense; i genuinely wonder if suppressing or perhaps even gradually giving into and exposing this aspect of his identity is what caused such frictions with his dad and what would appear to be deep personal issues in general. just a thought, it might actually sort of explain a lot.

  7. I think John K is on the right track Leah. I think Joe made Michael hate everything about himself and adults. The only person who he liked was Diana Ross, and he started changing his look to look like her for a while, but ended up going too far. I don’t think it was wanting to be a girl, totally, just not himself.

    But, to be honest, he was so screwy, who knows.

  8. christian Says:

    What Ed said. I slso think MJ was reimagining himself into his own strange fantasy ideal of a boy super hero disney god…

  9. thanks for that, the diana ross and ‘boy super disney god’ (lol) angles are interesting. i guess i see it as a ‘chicken or the egg’ thing, tho.

    ‘I don’t think it was wanting to be a girl, totally, just not himself.’

    but if that was the case, why the feminine characteristics at all, the heavy eye and brow-liner, pancake makeup, lippy and ladies’ hair-do? why not just make himself look like a different man, that’s definitely do-able. MJ’s physical appearance suggests some gender-bending at the the very least to me.

    most men who were made to feel terrible about themselves as kids and wish they were someone else don’t gradually turn into man/woman hybrids (of another race, no less!), they’re just damaged souls who hopefully learn to rise above and keep their lives together. if men typically took on transsexual characteristics after bad childhoods, i would think there would be a zillion more of them out there.

    my take is that gender identity confusion and possibly discomfort with his sexuality were in the mix with MJ; idolising diana ross is one thing, but a man creating himself in her image of sorts suggests gender confusion by definition because diana is a woman. i think some fathers have been doing a great job of abusing their sons and making them feel inadequate, inferior and downright bad about themselves since year dot, but as a consequence not all – and probably not even many – of those boys ends up in drag. and for those that do, parental abuse may be a mitigating factor but not the sole cause of gender identity confusion, which simply appears innate in some people.

    i guess i have little doubt MJ’s dad fucked up his boy, but i think something more than an abusive upbringing or the pressures of super-stardom or even mental illness accounts for what would be MJ’s final rather transsexual incarnation, at the same time asexual, boyish, as if michael wanted to be BOTH and NEITHER, it must have been terribly difficult for him. most of the jackson kids seem a little weird as adults and have succumbed to the plastic surgery curse – likely because they weren’t made to feel good about themselves and perfect just as they are when they were young – yet only micheal took on transsexual characteristics.

    all of which adds up to some weird shit i don’t fully get, i guess i’m just trying to understand and wrap my head around it.

  10. What kills me is that he was a good, great looking kid and young man. A real telling point, I think, was in one of the obits I read, maybe the LA Times, where it mentioned among other things his father used to make fun of his looks, his nose in particular. So, that might explain the nose job. But, as far as the continued surgery (& denials thereof), I got the sense that he was trying to erase himself (or his sense of self) off the face of the earth, which seems remarkable for someone as talented and, again, as good looking as he once was. Maybe, and this ties in with what Leah noted, the only image that he trusted and actually believed in was Diana Ross. I don’t know, but one thing is certain, he had the dough to make it all happen. The more I think about this the sadder I get. I’m a little younger than Michael, so the Jackson 5 were the pop group I really know him from and to see that kid end up like this just deflates me. A tragedy.

  11. christian Says:

    The sad thing is comparing the good looking vibrant MJ of “Off The Wall” to the bleached transfigured eccentric of later years. His psychology was all too obvious and yet will remain a mystery.

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