Independence Day

We are free of Sarah Palin. Let the fireworks begin!


7 Responses to “Independence Day”

  1. jkeeling Says:

    I honestly do not understand the left AND right’s fixation on Palin.

  2. christian Says:

    Really? A woman running to be Vice President of the nation, who revealed the dark heart of the GOP’s fundamentalist jones, and who insulted Americans repeatedly with her jingoism and hypocrisy? She’s a fascinating national character who showed the desperate lengths McCain went to appease the far right, who see her as their political savior. And Palin can’t stop putting herself out in the mix despite her whining about attacks. She loves the fixation. You betcha!

  3. jkeeling Says:

    and then McCain/Palin lost; but, the Left and Right continue discussing her. I think she matters to the Left only because she matters to the Right.

  4. christian Says:

    No, Palin keeps putting herself out there. She LOVES the publicity. And now she wants to cash in whilethere’s time and no pesky local government to run.

    And yeah, of course she matters to the left because of the right. The GOP put up a woman to be in charge of the free world who called Americans traitors to their nation and preached a neanderthal sociology that would have been a disaster to the world, let alone America. The GOP deserves its beatdown for putting her up on the huzzahs of their AM/FOX Talk Brigade, who have enormous political power. McCain had a chance to win, but he went to the fundy base and pulled out this figurehead of bigotry and ignorance. Palin wants to whine about the heat after the GOP went after Clinton for 8 years and impeached him while he was the butt of every comic in America?

    Like I said, she’s a character and she’s getting the attention she wanted.

    • jkeeling Says:

      I can understand the ignorant comment, but how is Palin bigoted?

      My initial question shouldn’t be mistaken as support of Palin. I’m just trying to understand why there was continued interest. Of course she made herself newsworthy of late by resigning; my comment to *this* thread was ~germinatining from the previous Palin/flag related thread.

      Not all received press is in response to her actions; there was/is TERRIFIC interest in initiating dirt on her. This scorched earth policy really really bothers me whether directed at conservatives, liberals, or whatever. We are more sensitive to it when directed at someone we favor, but I think its very ugly in all occurrences. And what may be worse, is that it distracts from intelligent discourse of a person’s positions.

      slightly off topic here, but if AM/FOX have so much power, how is it that conservatism/GOP is in such a minority?

  5. christian Says:

    The bigotry comes from the “small towns” of her fantasy “real America” where I doubt there’s much diversity — as in Alaska. And a bigotry against education and intelligence, the “elitism” that blue-blood Republicans love to level at the left.

    I don’t like those personal attacks on people, especially children, but the Right mastered this in the 90’s. I won’t forget that. And Palin knows the game.

    “if AM/FOX have so much power, how is it that conservatism/GOP is in such a minority?”

    It took 8 years of Bush at the helm with the cheerleading of Rush/FOX etc, before America woke up and said, “Oh shit!” But the GOP did not wake up. Hence, Obama.

    Happy 4th!

    • jkeeling Says:

      oh uh …
      bigot – one who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; one who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion …

      I once felt that personal attacks for political gain had never been worse, and then i heard a radio show that discussed turn of the century politicking. Wow! Current folks are pussy cats compared to what once occurred. So I don’t buy that mud-slinging was invented/mastered in the 90s. Its been going on forever, and can be expected to continue ad nauseam.

      My inner cynic thinks it’s all by design, and that the politicians are no different than boxers at a press conference, making mean faces at each other then slapping each other on the back when the cameras aren’t looking. The electorate get stirred into a frenzy by the personal attacks, and lo and behold, the two party system has remained in power.

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