Michael Jackson Live At Staples


They actually brought his gold lined coffin before the stage. Listening to the self-important MSNBC news team try to fill the silences with their inane insights. We live in a very surreal nation. Of course, I can moonwalk.


5 Responses to “Michael Jackson Live At Staples”

  1. I’m not sure which is weirder, the hagiography or the bashing.

    Either way, people are damaged.

  2. christian Says:

    I agree. I have to chalk it up to archetypal communal mourning. What would Joseph Campbell say? And to think I turned down tix cos I’m Northwest…

  3. In retrospect, I saw a number of people interviewed after the thing and one perfectly normal looking woman basically said “I just wanted to be with a bunch of people for whom this means as much as it did to me.”

    It’s a shared grief thing. I’m cool with that. I think it’s a little overdone for a guy none of us actually knew, but in a world that is increasingly so far removed from actual human feeling and emotion, there’s a refreshing way to look at this whole thing. It’s a catharsis.

    With the exception of Al Sharpton, on balance I’m going to have to say the bashers are the real annoying weirdos in this equation.

  4. christian Says:

    I understand the need for communal sorrow, and I did love his music. His weird personal life got in the way and led to all…this. Hopefully we can all move on.

  5. It’s foolish to completely ignore what a trainwreck he became and to not even question his legal troubles, but it’s equally foolish only to dwell on that stuff.

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