Uh, No Shit

“In all honesty, getting fired from “Top Model” was nowhere near as tragic as I’d like to make out. It’s mostly a slight public humiliation, and one that I decided to perpetuate myself. It in no way compares to the thousands of people who have been laid off and are struggling to survive.” – Paulina Porizkova


5 Responses to “Uh, No Shit”

  1. I think she was my favorite SI girl, back when a girl in a bikini could still get my heart racing.

  2. christian Says:

    You didn’t have to sit through HER ALIBI on a plane. Followed by BIRD ON A WIRE. Talk about in-flight terrorism…

  3. I was actually dragged to a $1 theater in Olympia Washington in college (Go Geoducks!!!) by a girl I wanted to sleep with to see Bird on a Wire.

    I eventually pulled up lame somewhere between 2nd and 3rd base. She ended up marrying my roommate.

    I hope they’re as miserable as I was watching Bird on a Wire.

  4. christian Says:

    The ONLY interesting thing about that film is David Carradine as the bad guy — with his voice sounding very dubbed. Didja notice that?

  5. I don’t remember.

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