Coffee Wars

la-victoria-arduinoI’m thinking about coffee this morning. All kinds of coffee. Lily, Lavazza, Peets, Stumptown…Do any of you cafe connoisseurs have any recommendations for great, unsung coffee here in Los Angeles or elsewhere? Preferably ordering distance if need be. As a rule, I like to get freshly roasted beans from Whole Foods for freshness sake. But I primarily rotate through Cafe Du Monde, King’s Road, Major Dickasen’s Blend. Urth Cafe is good, but it means sitting next to GOSSIP GIRL cast members. The best coffee ever is from Europe, who don’t want us savages to have their good shit. So I’m asking you about the brew. I’m jacked up, man. Need the fix.


11 Responses to “Coffee Wars”

  1. When it comes to cafes, I go more for the vibe than the coffee. To that end, I’m a fan of the threadbare goth ambience of Insomnia on Beverly down the way from the New Bev.

    The coffee is fine. I can’t remember if they have free wi-fi though.

  2. christian Says:

    Sadly, I dislike Insomnia. Too many screenwriters. And attitude. And a weird vibe, like I feel that I just walked into somebody’s private party. And they charge for wi-fi. My office/cafe is down the street, Buzz, but the coffee is not great. Free wi-fi and nice neighborhood ambience. I tend to make my own coffee at home these days because it’s better. King’s Road is probly my fave coffee in LA. Black crack.

  3. jkeeling Says:

    you don’t have one of these in LaLa land?

  4. christian Says:

    Not quite enough. I would love to open one like that here. It would be HUGE. I miss Caffe Trieste…

  5. Caffe Trieste is goodness.

    I’ve only stopped in to Insomnia in evenings before shows at the New Bev so maybe the vibe was different, or maybe I simply have learned to expect screenwriterly hangouts around LA.

    Urth gives me an f’ing rash though.

  6. christian Says:

    Actually, I prefer Susina Bakery right across from the New Bev. Great espresso and the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. And it’s a Euro-style sit outside cafe, which is nice when you’re sitting, sipping, looking at the New Bev marque for THE CORPSE GRINDERS…it couldn’t be more French.

  7. Is that in the same strip mall with the cranky jewish bagel place or is that down the street?

  8. rephrase: IS that the cranky Jewish bagel place? or is that down the street from Susina?

  9. christian Says:

    It’s right there on the corner of la brea/beverly, next to the Starfucks. Next new bev screening, we’ll meet there. And that whole strip mall is cranky.

  10. Intelligentsia just opened a roasting works in LA. I was waiting for an interview in Chicago, and stumbled into this little coffee shop in this old building, expecting a burnt tasting brew. It was the best I had ever had, roasted just hours before. You can mail-order coffee that is fresher than a bag at the local starbucks.

  11. christian Says:

    Yeah, I was checking that out. A little further than I want to go, but I will.

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