“Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”

Sign O’ The Times:

For four decades, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has fed film aficionados a steady diet of movie classics — retrospectives that included works from Roman Polanski, Cary Grant, Ernst Lubitsch and, in a current series, James Mason. But the museum’s weekend film program was losing both money and its audience, and LACMA said Tuesday that it was pulling the plug on its cinematic centerpiece.

“This is a company town and of all the museums in the country to not show film, this is the last one [that shouldn’t],” said veteran producer Lawrence Turman (“The Graduate,” “American History X”) who also serves as director of the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC. “If I were on the board I’d say ‘Let’s go to every studio and see if they will pitch in.’ “


6 Responses to ““Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.””

  1. I saw this and was saddened, but then I haven’t been to LACMA for a movie in a couple of years. Something about the high school gym feeling of the Bing theater turns me away. A lame excuse I know, but there it is.

  2. christian Says:

    I hear ya, but I saw some great screenings there, but clearly not often enough. Still, one million dollar loss over ten years is not a disaster. And it’s stunning that the city and studios haven’t worked out a way to support the very thing that fuels the industry. LA buries its own history.

  3. That’s the infuriating thing. That the industry just doesn’t give a fuck.

    They’re only interested in their back catalogues for remakes and dumping on DVDs.

    The point of my comment was A) this sucks but I’m as to blame and anyone and B) ok I suck, but here’s why.

    Taking responsibility and being defensive all at once. Pretty neat trick eh?

  4. christian Says:

    And now they might close the Westwood theatres? Ridiculous. This town is shockingly apathetic of its cultural and industrial treasures. Surely a fund could be set for studios and the like to fund or keep a permanent lease. I was always amazed that Forrest Ackerman’s priceless memorbillia never had a permanent home (I almost crushed the White House with my foot). Harryhausen does now, but the Europeans are better at that sort of thing.

  5. The Westwood thing kind of kills me. It’s simply not my hood so I never make it over there except for LAFF, but damn…LA doesn’t know when it has a good thing going.

    The guy that runs the Crest is thinking about selling too supposedly. One of the few indie run theaters in LA besides the Vista.


  6. christian Says:

    I did see the 92 release of BLADE RUNNER in Westwood and encountered my first Hollywood star, James Woods. Hate to see these cool theatres die.

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