Friday Song: The George Baker Selection

In honor of the upcoming release of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, I thought I’d be a bit obvious and throw in the title song from Tarantino’s landmark, RESERVOIR DOGS. The first time I became aware of the film was hearing about the script gaining fans in Hollywood. I was living in Long Beach, working at Broadway Video (video store clerks 4 eva!), and on my Friday night shift, right after again popping in XANADU to torture my co-workers (I also told anybody who would listen at the time that a Broadway musical version would make bank), I grabbed my ritualistic LA Weekly and there on the cover was QT’s mug. We had a fresh copy of RESERVOIR DOGS on video, and I watched it with curious anticipation to see if the film matched the hype. Of course. I was sold on the intro diner scene and the brief opening title with George Baker’s catchy, thumping “Little Green Bag” that propels you into the 70’s pop noir of Tarantino’s Los Angeles crime world. And now, little man, I give you the original 1969 promo-film for “Little Green Bag.”


2 Responses to “Friday Song: The George Baker Selection”

  1. I hope you weren’t keeping this…you know…in your ass….

  2. christian Says:

    Insert Monologue Here.

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