Son Of Dante’s Inferno


Speaking of popular demand, I’m thrilled that starting this Wednesday, the legendary New Beverly Cinema (where Martin & Lewis used to perform when it was known as Slapsy Maxie’s) is letting Joe Dante drag the schedule back to his movie hell, which is audience heaven. Here’s my on-the-spot reportage of last year’s amazing festival. This time, even though Dante is in post on THE HOLE, a 3-D horror film (!), he’s coming armed with some of his own classics such as his sneak preview print of GREMLINS and one of my personal faves, MATINEE. Bruce Dern and Roger Corman are scheduled guests, and even cooler, Dante is bringing back his incredible, THE MOVIE ORGY — in an extended cut! Here’s a terrific interview at Sergio Leone & The Infield Fly Rule. Remember, get more out of life, go out to a movie!


10 Responses to “Son Of Dante’s Inferno”

  1. I hope I can squeeze in the Movie Orgy this year…

  2. christian Says:

    If you can’t, you’re not a Reel Fan. I’m throwing down, Kennedy.

  3. Matinee is certainly my favorite Joe Dante film. Just looking at that photo, I want to watch it again.

    This is exciting. I’m reading your coverage of last year’s festival, Christian. Great stuff!

  4. christian Says:

    It’s gonna be hard not to just move into the New Bev for the next week…He’s also screening THE PRESIDENT’S ANALYST and COLD TURKEY!

  5. christian, you mentioned some difficulties in the making of ‘explorers’ in the thread over at DP’s house (i asked you about it but you may have missed it, or hopefully i didn’t say something to offend you, sometimes my sense of humour can be taken the wrong way :-/), if you feel like sharing i’d love to hear it, just out of curiosity as a fan of the film.

    (count me as a fellow admirer of ‘matinee’, such an unheralded little gem. or maybe it was heralded and i just missed it)

  6. christian Says:

    Dante went into great pained detail about EXPLORERS at his fest last year and in a nutshell, he wasn’t allowed to finish making the film because the studio demanded he stop to make their release date. And it’s always been apparent the film just kind of ends after they leave the alien ship. And the footage Dante wasn’t able to include is apparently lost. Which is crazy.

  7. I’m going to try to catch “Matinee” & the double of “Cold Turkey” & “The President’s Analyst”.

  8. christian Says:

    Let me know so we can say hullo.

  9. thanks, i hadn’t heard about any of that. the abrupt ending is rather strange (and i know the ‘anticlimactic’ aliens are somewhat contentious) but not knowing any better i suppose i always assumed it was just a dante quirk that the film should finish that way, makes a lot more sense now

  10. christian Says:

    And i always felt the aliens are the best part of the film, particularly Robert Picardo’s amazing pop cultural monologue scene.

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