Budd Schulberg RIP

Another legend passes into history. Budd Shulberg wrote the iconic novel, What Makes Sammy Run, the screenplay or ON THE WATERFRONT and the prescient take on future right-wing radio populism, A FACE IN THE CROWD. I was at an industry party a few years ago and noted Mr. Schulberg (only screenwriters know what other screenwriters look like) sitting el solo lobo on a couch, smiling and taking in the loud techno and swishing flesh. I almost went over to sit at his knee, but I couldn’t bear the thought of leaning into his ear to yell, “Mr. Schulberg, your work has been a great influence on my own.” “Eh? What’s that?” “I SAID, MR. SCHULBERG…” You get the idea. And I was happy just being near one of the Masters.


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