Dante’s Inferno: Cold Turkey/The President’s Analyst

228329.1020.ANow this is a perfect double feature for tonight’s journey to Joe Dante’s Movie Inferno. Two sharp social satires, COLD TURKEY (1971), a rarely screened film that seemed like it played every Sunday night on TV when I was growing up. The caustic comedy starring Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart, about a town that stands to inherit millions if they give up smoking for a month, was written and directed by Norman Lear (with Randy Newman’s first soundtrack), but actually filmed in 1968. The studio didn’t know how to sell this scathing downbeat satire and of course, it mocked the tobacco industry at a time when Malboro had ads on television. I can’t wait to revisit it on the big screen replete with Dante’s insight. After that, one of my favorite films of the 1960’s, THE PRESIDENT’S ANALYST (1967) starring James Coburn and a fantastic cast in one of the best American paranoid satires ever. Here’s my Retro-View with a more explicit treatsie on this beloved film. So what else do you need? A wiretap? Get thee to the New Beverly tonite! We’ll be watching…

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