Bring A Gun To A Healthcare Fight

Yeah, sure. No right-wing extremism here. Just William Kostric, another McVeigh-style nutter showing off his loaded sidearm outside an event where the President is holding a healthcare townhall. And to further make the strange point that Healthcare and the Second Amendment are connected, Kostric holds up a sign demanding that the “tree of liberty” be fed. What feeds that tree? Blood. Feed me, Seymour! Here’s Chris Matthews interviewing this disturbed man. Too bad Matthews isn’t smart enough to really nail him, but at least the country gets a closer look at these right-wing Mad Men.

9 Responses to “Bring A Gun To A Healthcare Fight”

  1. I heard this exchange on the radio and assume the majority of folks are disturbed by one OR the other participants in this “interview”; I was disturbed by both. I agree with you that Kostric’s actions are a terrific cause for concern and am sure two dozen secret service people watched his every move –and moves to come. What torqued me about Mathews was his “begging the question” approach. I expect more from a host in his position. Much like the town halls, an opportunity for real dialog was squelched by shouting down the view/action with which you disagree.

  2. christian Says:

    Matthews is a buffoon who occasionally hits the mark. He really needed to let Kostric explain what feeds that tree and why a Healthcare debate is applicable. Of course, the Secret Service know all about this guy now.

  3. Is this the way left wing activists went about it when Bush was strangling us for 8 years, and miring us in an unwinnable fight? Seeing this type of idiot stereotypically shown as one of the right wing, is really bruising the Republicans and their image. You would thing that some image consultant would be putting a stop to this type of loon and putting serious effort into a counter movement. Seriously.

  4. christian Says:

    The thing is, the GOP leaders are embracing these loons. They almost put Palin in the WH, who is the encapsulation of these types. Like Beck and his ilk, who’s now taken to spell out his viewers aren’t to start bombing. Yet. And when the intellectual leaders are Beck, Savage, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter, this is the natural progression. William Buckley is dead. They need Meghan McCain.

  5. I fucking hate people.

  6. christian Says:

    Which is why I’m glad you’re not armed;]

  7. elizabeth sutherland Says:

    I am truly concerned that william kostric may in fact be schizophrenic, does anyone know anything about his psychiatric past? I am schizophrenic and it is just this sort of thing that is dangerous and continues stigma for the rest of the harmless mentally ill.

  8. christian Says:

    Without being glib Elizabeth, he looks disturbed to me too. But that could be plain ol ignorance, which is curable. Or used to be. And comforting to know that anybody can amass serious firepower quick these days. Freedom!

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