Friday Song: Olive

I do listen to new music. Take “You’re Not Alone,” this 1996 one hit wonder track from three-person trip-hop band, Olive, and their disc, “Extra Virgin.” This was the official theme to my own wondrous first trip-hop to Europe, specifically Amsterdam, in 1997. I heard this song pumping from streets, canals, subways, and coffee-shops, reflecting my singular wandering state o’ mind on my month long Holland and France sojourn. I expected Amsterdam to be overflowing with 60’s hippie tunage, but didn’t realize how powerful house-techno had become and that 80 percent of Dutch youth wanted to be DJ’s. Fucking socialists. Still, I can’t hear this song without thinking of blurry neon lights and the stars turned upside down as I wandered lost my first night in Europe…


2 Responses to “Friday Song: Olive”

  1. This is a great song. Too bad the band kinda fizzled after that.

  2. christian Says:

    Yeah, some bands only have one great song in ’em.

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