I B Teaser 1-Sht.Best action comedy suspense film of the year.

If you don’t go, turn in your movie lover card.

I said GOOD DAY sir.


15 Responses to “Glorious”

  1. christian Says:

    I will be curious to read your review…How about that Christoph Waltz?

  2. I largely agree.

  3. I was surprised at how much I loved this (the trailers left me cold). “Basterds” is fantastic. Yep, run, don’t walk to see it.

  4. christian Says:

    I was actually thinking about all the previous trailers for QT films and honestly, none are that great. Which can often mean the film is good because some things don’t synopsize well. Glad you liked it and glad it’s doing well!

  5. BTW, a tip of the hat for “The President’s Analyst” recommendation. I missed it at the NewBev but caught it this morning on DVD. Now there’s a movie forty years ahead of its time. Wow. “The telephone company!?!!?”

  6. christian Says:

    TPA is indeed visionary. I bet Apple is working on a Cerebreum Communicator now….

    And IB made almost 40 million this weekend. I could tell it was a hit from the crowd of young and old I was with…This is a good week for American film — audiences sitting through a two and a half hour film that’s 30 percent subtitled…

  7. 30 percent shit, I would guess closer to 60, wouldn’t you say? Only Tarantino can get 40 million from an American audience for that (whoever above bless him). I noticed the same thing in my neck Christian: a. my show was sold-out (I ordered my tickets that morning just in case), b. the population that the press loves to get down on was getting it more than they seemed to. I was afraid this picture was gonna narrow QT’s “whatever the fuck he wants” pass, great to be wrong.

  8. christian Says:

    70 percent more like it. Fascinating that a film like this over two hours with long sub-titled dialogue scenes has struck an audience chord. My theory about people who say they “hate reading sub-titles” is that if the film is good, nobody notices. NOBODY.

    Only grumpy ol’ Jeff Wells thinks you’re an Eloi for liking IB:

  9. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it, but gimme something more to hang my hat on than puny, pathetic, “I’ve been in the business for fifteen years and I know what a good movie is god damnit!” That’s not even offensive, that’s embarrassing. And if his various trend-kissings are any indication, he doesn’t have the slightest idea what a good movie is.

    And where’s all this shock coming from? He read the script and saw the movie once before.

  10. christian Says:

    Wells operates to the tune of his own sociopathic drummer. He blogs his fantasias about eliminating/wiping out Republicas then protests about the brutality of IB — which has very little violence, but unlike other filmmakers, QT makes the violence sting, and he clearly even wants you to feel something for that officer who gets batted up. And clearly, the Basterds have the least personality in the film unlike the others…

  11. Off-topic (well, sorta on, he was a GRINDHOUSE contributor), I think HALLOWEEN II looks promising.

  12. christian Says:

    Love me Zombie, but absolutely no deseo to see H2. I’d rather see WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS — now there’s a double feature for IB!

  13. You’re gonna skip it? then who am I supposed to talk to?

    At least vague rootless internet gossip claims T-Rex is next right?

  14. christian Says:

    I think you’ll have a whole network of H2 fans at your stead…Unless you tell me I should see it.

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