God’s Lonely Critic

bad-hair-gallery-taxi-driver-3Amusing jack-ass blogger Jeffrey Wells, on a cine-jihad against INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS after praising the script and giving it a fair-so-so reaction at Cannes, now unveils The Word:

“I’ve always felt on some level that my reactions to films are partly & obviously my very own and partly a channelling of some…I don’t know what to call it but let’s call it a kind of Movie God wisdom. I am a person with a particular background and likes/dislikes, but I am also, I feel, a kind of conduit of something bigger. You can’t really write, I feel, if you don’t open yourself up to that “something greater and grander” out there (or “up there” or “in there”). You have to let that force tell you what’s right & true. It’s partly what you know and partly what is. So in a certain sense I am an instrument of some sort of energy that’s not entirely fed by what kind of breakfast I’ve had in the morning. Go ahead & laugh, but that’s how it kinda feels. Glenn Gould said something like this once. He’s playing the piano, of course, but it’s not just him. Something is also speaking or playing through him. And that force knows (and has courteously let me know) the true cosmic & celestial worth of Inglourious Basterds.”


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