Insurance Companies = Death Panels

george_c_scott_142I feel our nation’s collective IQ plummet everytime I see a poll or two showing half the country afeared of healthcare reform. The same Americans who lost their jobs or their savings due to corporate corruption forget that the government bailed out the Wall Street Masters Of The Universe, who too often dictate the free-market fantasia indoctrinated into our psyche like a Stalinist re-education camp and yet scream “Socialism!” at every false step. In the end, it’s very simple. If you need to go to the doctor, and say, oh, Kaiser, decides that that oral surgery you had in 1999 is a pre-existing condition, then they can say, “Sorry. Stay sick. And die.” And that’s that. If Americans buy into the outrageous lies of the current GOP leaders and spokesfolk like Beck and Palin — currently the most odious, destructive political force in the past ten years — well, then I guess we’ll get what we deserve. Or don’t. Jesus Weeps.

2 Responses to “Insurance Companies = Death Panels”

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