Ted Kennedy RIP

10 Responses to “Ted Kennedy RIP”

  1. And just as his baby, health care, is getting fumbled.

  2. christian Says:

    Perhaps this will embolden the fight, as I believe it will…

    • i’m probably being a poop about this, but there is something unsavory to me with using his passing in an effort to get momentum back. I’d rather see backers of this legislation stick to laying out the bill’s worth and addressing critics. If its a good bill, then this alone should be sufficient. I recognize this matter was very important to him, but gawd does it seem cheap to at this time be doing anything other than honoring his accomplishments as a Senator.

      • christian Says:

        I hope they stay clear of politicizing his death also, but I recognize that this is exactly how Kennedy would have wanted it.

  3. i’d like to think he left the world knowing that a cause of great importance to him has never been closer to being realized.

  4. I wish I shared your optimism JK. Sad that so much of mine has slipped away since November…

  5. christian Says:

    Americans want a healthcare option. And we need it. It’s time to evolve.

  6. I’m stunned they’re still using the Canadians and the French and general cries of Socialism as a scare tactic and even more stunned that it appears to be having the desired impact.

    Here’s a question…the media is treating a few wingnuts protesting at town hall meetings as though it’s a massive nationwide protest movement, but where was this same media when hundreds of thousands of people actually were protesting the war in Iraq?

  7. christian Says:

    When we protested CNN’s rather one-sided coverage of the Iraq War, they relegated over 30,000 people to “some anti-media protest” at the tail end of the news. Corporate interests want to keep gullible Americans more gullible. It’s sad to hear people who’ve never been near Europe, much less their county, describe the horrors of Euro-healthcare. And none have a problem socialisizing Iraq.

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