The Movie Gods Smile

talosFrom the Los Angeles Times:

Responding to public outcry over the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s decision to end its 40-year-old weekend film program, two outside organizations have stepped forward to pledge a total of $150,000 in the fight to save the screening series.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., which organizes the annual Golden Globe Awards, and Time Warner Cable, in association with Ovation TV, have each agreed to put up $75,000 toward the LACMA film program, which had been scheduled to close in October.

4 Responses to “The Movie Gods Smile”

  1. Wow, is the city finally bellying up to support the movies that made it famous in the first place??

  2. christian Says:

    I think the cinema-as-savior sub-text of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS has come through…

  3. How can you not love how cinema infused every frame of IB, whether it was by reference to other films or used as a plot device or as a theme in the film?

  4. christian Says:

    Does that make you an Eloi or a Morlock?

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