Friday Song: Dire Straits

My favorite Dire Straits song (after “Skateaway”) is this melodic satirical look at Margaret Thatcher’s England in the wake of her and Reagan’s awful socio-political reign. The main single from their intricate 1982 hit album, “Love Over Gold,” this song seems even more relevant now or perhaps its take on the effects of technological Darwinism is timeless. Featuring the second catchiest keyboard riff of the 80’s (after “Take On Me” natch), the bubbly music is in direct counterpoint to the bleak, scathing words sung with ironic glee by Mark Knopfler. Here’s your live prescription for “Industrial Disease”:


2 Responses to “Friday Song: Dire Straits”

  1. nice Day Tripper reference at 0:45!

  2. christian Says:

    Very wicked playing.

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