Cut From Birth



4 Responses to “Cut From Birth”

  1. Wow, great catch!

  2. halmasonberg Says:

    So, who is left at the end of LAST HOUSE? It’s been nearly 30 years since I’ve seen it. And I can’t seem to find a pic of the last frame of INGLOURIOUS, though the pic you posted is almost identical (with the exception of that disgusting Roth guy). And is that actually the last shot in LAST HOUSE?

  3. halmasonberg Says:

    Oddly enough, that shot isn’t actually in the film LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. There are several publicity photos from the film at that angle, including one on the original LP cover, but that low-angle shot never actually appears in the film.

  4. That isn’t the last image in LHOTL. What I was pointing out was that it’s definitely a hommage shot, and it occurs in the awful forest scene. It’s so iconic I can’t help but think QT was acknowledging it.

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