Confederacy Of Dunces

Confederacy CoverjpgColumninst Bob Ray Sanders nails this non-stop GOP nonsense:

Unfortunately for a growing number of frightened, misguided and hate-filled Americans, this president should not and must not be a role model for their children. Therefore, their young sons and daughters should not be in class — or perhaps even in school — if there’s a remote possibility that the plague-spreading left-wing devil called Obama will speak to them.

They’ve labeled him the Antichrist who is set on desecrating the Constitution, destroying the country and annihilating their children’s futures.

It is theater of the absurd, being played out in exaggerated dramatic fashion on stages large and small — in offices, backrooms, broadcast studios and on the World Wide Web.

I would find it laughable if it were not so tragic, so sinister and so sickening.

People who consider themselves intelligent, patriotic and religious have bought into this pathetic self-serving campaign to oppose Obama at every turn by plotting against any initiative he offers and continuously praying for his failure even if it would mean the downfall of their own country.

While I understand mean-spirited, partisan adults exhibiting such behavior, I can’t comprehend why anyone would want to pass along such disrespectful and vitriolic traits to their children.


13 Responses to “Confederacy Of Dunces”

  1. i agree that this is complete fucking lunacy, esp. considering Bush did the same thing in ’91. The GOP may as well replace their Elephant Icon with Ostrich who’s head is in the sand. Of course, Dems. complained bitterly in response to Bush’s similar speech, so I again accuse both parties guilty of utter hypocrisy. Regarding President Obama’s speech, the smartest statement I’ve heard thus far is from talk show host Mike McConnell, who suggested that even if you disagree with President Obama’s politics, you must have your child attend class this day, and then at night have a rational discussion on what the President said.

  2. I did an internet search, and didn’t find anything on Bush in 91. I did find where Regan did the same thing in his run, and all parties thought it was a good thing. I mean, since when are children taught to hate their President? Aren’t we all Americans?

    Prior-Anti-Christ Bill Clinton stated that the republicans are using a tactic of poking at everything waiting and baiting the Democrats to drop the ball, rather than finding a new tune to better their own party.

    What worries me the most is that this idiotic behavior, showcased in the news, and sponsored by Fox News, is catching fever, and the low-IQ trailer trash, Palin-ites are going to be the new way of “going political”.


    Current Anti-Christ Jkeeling states that the left employed the same tactic cited by President Clinton against Bush II. And before that the right did it to Clinton. And now the right is doing it to President Obama. It’s really really embarrassing, completely unproductive, and will continue ad nauseam until party members take the blinders off and start holding their own party more accountable.

  4. Same page. Here is a great article from Discover, of all places. It goes along the same lines of what we are saying, and is called “The Mainstreaming of Crazy”:

    • Very good article. The only bone I have is the assertion that it’s the media’s responsibility to tear down absurd ideas. To do so would give stupidity undo life. I’d prefer such madness not be reported at all. Another thing not addressed in the article is current media/news paradigm shift, where madness and speculation is getting more and mainstreamed, and it aint just a right-only thing. Its everything.

      • I am of the opinion that baiting should be silenced, and that is what the media should do. Be silent on it. Now, that’s rational. And I am sure that right and left wing would both agree that the media is not rational. :)

        If you have to report on it, the least you can do is make it sound as absurd as it is, and strike it down.

  5. Mike McConnell is the only talk show host I can endure. In the below show he addresses this very topic. I wager even the most left of us will appreciate his take on these matters:

    [audio src="" /]

  6. I’m gonna keep saying this: it ain’t no way similar to the left’s tactics. The proof was last night with that idiot calling out “You lie!” to Obama. Instead of scoring points, he just visualized all that is wrong, infantile — and dangerous — about the Right’s seething anger at Obama. But thankfully, that just helpd Obama.

    Of course, the media likes to play up the drama, and fuel it, because honestly I’m certain only about .000000001 percent of the nation care about Obama telling their kids to get smarter.

  7. And that .0000000001 percent is very vocal idiots. I do appreciate McCane telling that goof to apologize.

  8. I agree with you that the yelling idiot only succeeded in helping Obama’s cause while hurting his own, but I disagree that this proves anything.

    The below snip is from the article i cited. This –and current– behavior should be abhorred by everyone regardless of political inclination … but it’s not.

    “Democrats, then the majority party in Congress, not only denounced Bush’s speech — they also ordered the General Accounting Office to investigate its production and later summoned top Bush administration officials to Capitol Hill for an extensive hearing on the issue.”

  9. Bush had approval ratings in the 90’s after 9/11. Democrats rolled over for his war and his Patriot Act and all the other disasters of his administration, Katrina included. Clinton apologized for Lewinsky and the GOP impeached him. Cheney is a criminal and gets to live out his life in comfort, security and with full protection of the government. They’re all lucky. The GOP is looking to find their next impeachment in Obama, trust me.

  10. that’s a considerably broader topic …

    Every President from here on out will a) Have the legitimacy of their election questioned. b) Be threatened with impeachment.

    please don’t mistake anything i state as support of Bush/GOP. I have great disdain for both parties. I try to judge actions independent of the politics involved and in doing so find no shortage of hypocrisy/idiocy on both sides.

    I’ve said this before … Obama can pursue rolling back the entire Patriot Act if he so desired. He hasn’t. He mentioned it will be reviewed, and (i’m pretty sure) has validated it in two rulings. It comes up for renewal this year. Prediction withheld.

    Katrina was a failure of all levels of Government: Local, State, and Federal. Each level *should* be greatly shamed by all, but again the wagons circled around party lines.

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