Grumpy Ol’ White Babies


“I think the speech was a demogogic, unfair, combative disaster.” – Lindsey Graham


9 Responses to “Grumpy Ol’ White Babies”

  1. I agree completely, tho wish you’d left out ‘white’ part.

  2. The smell of political desperation from the right is becoming nauseating.

  3. jkeeling,


  4. i don’t like racial stereotyping.

  5. I know what you mean, but in this case, I think it’s fair. Not to say that all who oppose Obama are racist or bigot, most are probably not. But quite a few are. And I read their comments on right wing sites and I read the filtered bigotry from Rush and Beck and essays in the Nation Review on why N’awlins deserved Katrina and so forth. The next gen of GOP will not have this level of racial paranoia I hope, but it exists.

    • i reread and need to clarify my original comment. In it I intended to convey agreement with CD’s statement but intended to qualify my agreement to exclude anything concerning race. Is race involved? Likely, but I try to avoid supposition. Mr. Divine, blog owner, can state whatever he wishes, and I respect that. I never intended to suggest his opinion was incorrect.

  6. From what I remember, but I could be wrong, Demagogy is the pushing of politics with particularly religious themes. He probably would have been better saying “fear mongering”, but then again, he is a blithering idiot.

    What disappoints me is Bush go elected twice, but McCain didn’t. So far, McCain has shown a level head, has been one of the more bipartisan Republicans, and even spoke out against this idiot.

    My point being if this ass would have run for President, would he have won? It appears the inmates are lose and making themselves heard.

  7. Considering that some in the GOP actually think Sarah Palin has a chance in 2012, I’m afraid the Republican Party has collectively seceded from reality.

    And McCain blew it by picking Palin. That was dangerous foolish pandering. It shows McCain’s terrible judgement and why he didn’t belong in the WH.

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