Friday Song: Eric Burdon and The Animals

Sitting in my new favorite cafe in San Francisco, Phil’z Coffee, down in the Mission. Watching Friday morning commuters rise on the anniversary of that Worst Day Ever. This is the best coffee I’ve ever had in the city. If you know my bean whoredom, that’s a bold statement. Owner Phil Jaber made my delish “Tantalizing Turkish” himself. The cheerful baristas even add the milk and sugar themselves, expertly blending the flavors of the amazing beans, particularly the “Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew.” It’s like a coffee shop in Amsterdam but the attraction is the actual coffee. Outside the big window, the weather is perfect in the bay, another of those blue sky Kerouacian Fridays that show you the “clarity of Cal.” I am lucky. So that’s just shorthand for Eric Burdon to wax Haight and Ashbury psychedelic peace and love from 1967…


9 Responses to “Friday Song: Eric Burdon and The Animals”

  1. townlakeangel Says:


  2. You’re in SF? Cool!

    Love, love this song. :)

  3. Been meaning to try Phil’z forever. Blue Bottle is also supposed to be amazing, if you don’t mind paying 12 bucks for a cup of coffee.

    So it’s nice outside? I was out there just yesterday, and it was lovely. The sun glinting off the hypos, the delicate scent of evaporating urine. It was so nice that people were sleeping on the sidewalk. Or maybe they were dead, I didn’t check.

    Whatcha doing up this way? British Noir at the Castro, doncha know.

  4. Also, don’t tell Eric Burdon, but “warm San Franciscan night” is an oxymoron.

  5. wellington and san fran are very much alike

    (tho we do get some balmy summer nights)

  6. Haha, that is very true, Frank B!

  7. I’m gonna say these past few nights in the Mission have been the veritable definition of warm San Franciscan nights…no sweaters needed!

    Yeah, they have the outrageously priced bean swag here at Phil’z. I’m tempted to try being such a snob. Seven dollars for a cup of coffee? Yowza!

  8. Flashback from childhood. When I was about 9 years old, I signed up for a record club against my mother’s better judgment. My first album was “The Animals”. What a great choice.

  9. Nice. That’s a great record. I loved those record clubs. Eight LPs or cassettes for the price of three!

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