Sounds From A Town I Love


18 Responses to “Sounds From A Town I Love”

  1. Beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Hilary. And your site is great. Enjoy that cupcake!

  3. Thanks for posting this today. Heartwarming and bittersweet as it was in 2001.

  4. HEY!!! It’s that bug-eyed dude from Lost!

  5. ionut georgescu Says:

    very nice i like this

  6. This is cool

  7. bonza (paul hackett lives!)

  8. And check out Austin Pendleton!

  9. Now what did Woody ever do to you?

  10. Claudia Morgan Says:

    LOL! This is great :) From the poodle who escapes rehab to the Bellvue hairdresser who does King and Trumps hair, these convos are too funny. Thanks for sharing ~ Claudia

  11. frankgabriel Says:

    this is cool; really cool!

  12. Thank you all. And thanks Woody…

  13. Thanks for the video canĀ“t have enough of woody allen!

  14. You and me both, sistah!

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