Obama’s terrific rallying speech today combined with real life Death Panels at work should shut the GOP out of a debate they don’t belong in anymore. From Raw Story:

The woman whose life inspired the 1979 film Norma Rae has died of cancer after struggling with her health insurance company, which had delayed her treatment.

Crystal Lee Sutton was 68. She had struggled for several years with meningioma, a form of brain cancer.

She became a hero to the labor movement in the 1970s, when she took on her employer, a North Carolina textile plant, and unionized the factory floor. Her story became famous nationwide in 1975 after New York Times reporter Hank Leiferman wrote Crystal Lee: A Woman of Inheritance.

In 1979, her story was turned into the movie Norma Rae, a thinly-veiled fictional adaptation of Sutton’s struggle to unionize the J.P. Stevens plant in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Sally Field won an Oscar for her portrayal of the character inspired by Sutton.

8 Responses to “Sick”

  1. No no no! How can you say that the opposing party should be shut out of the debate. That is to say there shouldn’t even be a debate. I believe you and I are in agreement on some of the ridiculous rhetoric coming from the right, but let that line of thinking be confronted and defeated with fact and reason.

  2. John, of course I’m being meta-facetitous, but I haven’t heard one single idea from the GOP on this issue that resonates with reality. If Republicans had their way, we wouldn’t even be discussing healthcare. And frankly, the party that demanded we liberate Iraq and Afghanistan is now suddenly aghast at government interference is such primal hypocrisy that there’s no reason to listen to them. And as long as the GOP intellects are Rush, Beck, and Palin, etc. well, nuff said. They created the phrase “death panels” from a bill Republicans wrote. They’re a silly, yet dangerous, collective. I hope the wackos are in the minority but they seem to lead the leaders.

  3. I could be wrong, my sources are Internet (ah oh) and talk show host Mike McConnel … but i understand the following two proposals are GOP initiated 1) Tort Reform 2) Ability to purchase insurance across state lines.

    McConnell had an interesting take on the whole “Death Panel” thing. He stated that the crazy right would have gone wild if an end-of-life counseling provision had NOT been included. He also said that such a provision will have more success at being added in a subsequent update to the Health Care Plan. Because, once we have this plan, and people are invested (w/their tax dollars) and see the associated cost of not having end-of-life counseling, they will demand it.

  4. I took a sociology class at Fresno State where the guy had some radical ideas. I took half of what he said seriously, and the other half had merit. One of those was only letting the educated vote. He didn’t mean people who went to school, but people who understood where all of the candidates stood, their platforms, etc. Only those that could “test” correctly would be counted. Thus only the people who made informed decisions could vote.

    Now, I know this is not an improvement, and is a goof-ball idea, but in parts I see where he was coming from. We let goofballs yell out that “Obama is Hitler!” AND we let that person vote. I mean, seriously, does that person even know what is going on in America, enough to make an informed decision on who should lead, what laws should pass, and what judges should take a seat?

    • “I took have of what he said seriously, and the other half had merit.”

      Um… I meant I didn’t take half of what he said seriously. Ghseesh.

    • How long does something need to happen before it’s no longer considered new(s)? Cause i’ve been seeing is Hitler” pics for quite some time, probably going back to Clinton. It was disgusting then, it was disgusting with Bush, and its disgusting with Obama. There is no defense for this.

      re: voting, here’s a thought provoking idea i once heard: only income tax payers get to vote.

      • gdamn syntax checker messin with my entry. I’ll avoid those awful greater-then/less-than characters this time.

        statement should have read:
        Cause I’ve been seeing “Insert-President-Name is Hitler” pics for quite some time”

  5. No, they not of what they speak. I’m ready to go all philosophic Thor on them. And though I love to see the masses off their asses protesting, these tea-parties are ridiculous. Where were they when Bush was rushing the nation to war and trillions in worse debt? Or all the GOP fabled de-regulation that lead to Wall Street bending us over as per usual? And the fact that this is somehow Obama’s fault after 8 months is proof of their false rage. I think it’s about a shift in culture and generation. Some are racist, bigots, others just watch too much FOX. They’re being worked up EXACTLY like a Goebbels rally. And how can Obama be a Marxist Nazi Socialist Commie Muslim all at once?

    Look at Joe Wilson, he was contrite after he tantrumed, but then he saw the fringe — or the base now — egging him on with essays and donations. So now he’s going to take on the mantle of freedom fighter. Fine. These guys always give themselves the finger like Erich Von Zipper.

    I wish our media would be regulated to include actual information since the public ostensibly owns the airwaves. But these airwave monopolies like AT&T etc. have no fear from the dying, unenforced anti-trust laws…

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