Patrick Swayze RIP


7 Responses to “Patrick Swayze RIP”

  1. aw, i watched ‘point break’ last night in honour of patrick, one of the great silly action flicks of the 90’s in which he was pitch perfect. swayze may not have been the most amazingly talented actor in the world but he had star quality, great charisma and physicality and a sense of humour, how sad he should leave us so young. rest in peace, patrick.

  2. I’ll be watching POINT BREAK tonight also. Swayze had a good sense of humor about himself. And he was great in DONNIE DARKO.

  3. I love how Swayze could inhabit and transcend absurd movies without relying on the superior paycheck snark that so many celebs coast on these days. I love ROAD HOUSE, and POINT BREAK, thanks to Bigelow and Swayze and a better-than-acknowledged Reeves, is a real movie – one of the best action pictures of the 90s. And, yes, I see what all my second grade girl classmates were going on about when DIRTY DANCING hit.

  4. i watched the extended version of ‘donnie darko’ on dvd last night with some friends (slightly embarrassed to admit i’d never seen the the d-cut before just the original theatrical release, which i own), i’d almost forgotten what a sublime bad trip kelly’s flick is. and yes, swayze is absolutely terrific as sleazoid jim cunningham, did patrick get some serious props for his perf? i hope so, i don’t see how anyone else could have done jim better, he nailed it

  5. He was always good and also hilarious on SNL in his classic ChippenDale’s audition with Chris Farley. I have to say that DIRTY DANCING was a cinematic plague in the 80’s…But he was fine.

  6. snap! (or jinx, you owe me a coke)

  7. Boo yah!

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