Henry Gibson RIP


Henry Gibson was one of LAUGH-IN’s beloved regulars, and a welcome presence in later films like THE BLUES BROTHERS, INNER-SPACE, THE ‘BURBS, MAGNOLIA, not to mention his turn as a pompous country singer in Robert Altman’s masterpiece NASHVILLE, where he sang the self-penned American anthem, “200 Years.” His poetry will be missed.


5 Responses to “Henry Gibson RIP”

  1. It’s always funny to see him bullying the 6’5″ Sterling Hayden in The Long Goodbye.


  2. Hell yes. Feel like watching NASHVILLE again…

  3. Any celebs NOT dying this year? There’s the Altman stuff of course, but I think my fondest memory of Gibson is his queen bickering with a very sad Macy in MAGNOLIA. That picture is a (almost TOO well-meaning) mess with several wonderful moments, but my favorites belong to Macy/Gibson. The earnestness of that picture is brave, and Macy’s proclamation of love to the bartender is ridiculous and heartbreaking.

  4. Joe Dante posted this on Hollywood Elsewhere:

    Henry was a great friend of mine. I first worked with him on INNERSPACE on the recommendation of John Landis, and we hit it off right away, as I was a big fan of his career-changing performance in THE LONG GOODBYE. He was always there for me, whether it was a brief cameo in GREMLINS 2 or a wittily creepy role in THE BURBS. I’m not sure he ever got that one career breakthrough role (though I thought he was brilliant in MAGNOLIA), but he was a dedicated collaborator and a great guy, with an unexplored dark center that only occasionally surfaced, as in NASHVILLE. AS Wilder said at Lubitch’s funeral when someone noted “No more Lubitch”, “Worse–no more Lubitsch movies!”

  5. And I completely forgot his memorable voice work as Wilbur the pig in CHARLOTTE’S WEB, one of the few cartoons to make me weep as a lad.

    I also dug his Illinios Nazi in THE BLUES BROTHERS, especially his amazing death scene from a plummeting car at 10000 feet. “I’ve always loved you.”

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